How do I know whether I should post a discussion, resource, or wiki? Answered

When determining which content type to post, it is recommended to start with the purpose of your post. Ask yourself how you want your members to contribute/interact with what you are sharing. While there are functional differences between each content type, the difference between a discussion and a resource is more subtle. When choosing between a discussion or a resource, the implied purpose will impact how your team members respond to the post.


If your purpose is to inspire conversation, seek perspectives, and encourage engagement then you should spark a discussion. Discussions can serve as a brainstorm, or an invitation for individuals to build off one another’s ideas. Many discussions include questions or prompts to facilitate the asynchronous interaction. Discussion posts do allow attachments and links, though the goal of the content type is to encourage exchange between members.


If your goal is to share information in the forms of links or attachments, you should publish a resource. Resources allow for comments so that individuals can remark on what is shared and post questions, but they do not encourage the back and forth dialogue that a discussion post does. The focus of a resource is on the content of the post, while the focus of a discussion is on the interaction.


If your aim is to facilitate content collaboration you should create a Wiki. A Wiki allows your group members to contribute directly to your projects. Much like Google Docs, Teams, or Shared Drives, a Wiki enables your fellow members to add or edit information regardless of the original author.  


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