How do I contribute to a Wiki? Answered

A Wiki allows your group members to collaborate simultaneously on projects. Much like Google Docs, Teams, or Shared Drives, a Wiki enables your fellow members to add or edit information regardless of original author. 

1. Navigate to your group by clicking on the groups tab in the top toolbar. 

Navigate to your group by clicking on the groups tab in the top toolbar. 







2. Select the Wiki you want to contribute to. 

Click the Edit icon on the top toolbar next to view.

Click the edit icon next to "view"

3. Add to or update the body with your desired text. Note that you have the ability to add, change, or delete content to the Wiki.

edit the text in the wiki as needed


4. Include a revision log message to help members and group moderators track changes.

Under "revision log message" add information about the changes you made for tracking purposes






5. Click preview to review your changes, then save your contribution and stay tuned for your group's participation!

Click preview to review your changes, click save to save them.





6. To learn how to post a new Wiki click here.